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Название игры Goat Simulator
Жанр Аркада
Дата выхода 01.04.2014
Локализация Русская версия. С русской озвучкой
Формат раздачи   торрент с exe загрузчиком
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скачать Goat Simulator без смс

UPDATE 3: Another Genre Mockery! GoatZ I was very surprised this time around that the new update wasnt free. There was a slight bit of disappointment there but when I actually stopped to think about it, the devs have already expanded the game so much for free.

I really hope they keep them updates coming! UPDATE 2: An Interesting Turn Goat MMO Simulator. This update was a pretty big one! They took a whole new turn with it as well.

Using the No Hunger workshop mod I managed to re-100 the game. Although there were some very very tedious achievements this time around. Which were made a lot worse by how many times the game crashed whilst I was playing.

GOAT SIMULATOR : GOATZ - все об игре: Обзор и видеобзор Goat Simulator: GoatZ, чит коды к игре и прохождение Goat Simulator: GoatZ. Скачать бесплатно файлы для Goat Simulator: GoatZ: моды, патчи, дополнения, русификатор, трейнеры, обои и трейлеры.

You can tell the people that made it were just having a laugh and it seems to me they didnt expect it to get as big as it did. I think it was pretty refreshing when it came out, something different and stupid to mess around on.

Its a funny concept and follows the MMO joke nicely. Although I was pretty content and hadnt much to say about the previous updates, there were a few things with GoatZ I felt I needed to mention.

But at least with the workshop you have something to keep you entertained if you ever wanted to re-visit. Despite its length I still really enjoyed it and look forward to any updates that may come to this game.

Its always nice to see more from these devs to be honest! I would say overall the DLC is worth it despite all the things I moaned about. Its still fun to mess around with in a none-serious fashion.

Throughout this whole game I have 100ed it all the way. In survival mode of GoatZ, this probably would have been impossible if not for the workshop mod to stop your hunger.