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Скачать Europa Universalis III
Название игры Europa Universalis III
Жанр Стратегия
Дата выхода 16.02.2007
Локализация Русская версия. С русской озвучкой
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Once all these conditions have been met, the mean time for the End of the Time of Troubles event to fire is 24 months. The Grand Embassy edit This event is modeled after Peter the Great's accomplishments in the late 17th century.

Although Exploration ideas allow recruiting conquistadors, which may be used for exploration of terra incognita (which Russia can do without Exploration due to its national ideas Expansion ideas, in addition to providing a colonist, once completed give a permanent casus bellis against Asian nations.

Traditions: 25. National manpower modifier -20 Infantry cost Sudebnik -15 Core-creation скачать Europa Universalis III rus cost Found the Streltsy 50. Land force limit modifier Oprichnina 10 Manpower recovery speed -20 Culture conversion cost. Abolish the Mestnichestvo 10 Production efficiency Siberian Frontier Auto-exploration of all territory adjacent to owned home territory.

If Russia has not westernized, its monarch has good stats, and the date is late enough it is possible for the monarch to travel around Europe, learning various things for his country and increasing relations with neutral nations.

It is wise to get a foot hold in Africa, then immediately start towards the Indies, where there are large amounts of valuable trade goods, high tax base provinces, and most European colonizing nations are battling out in the New World, not here.

1 Colonists. The Table of Ranks 0.5 Yearly army tradition Broathen the curriculum of the Cadet Corps -10 Technology cost Ambitions: 50. National manpower modifier Russia does скачать Europa Universalis III rus not exist at the beginning of the Grand Campaign; it is a formable country.

All in all this leads to a daunting war every single time the player fights them. Formation edit Form Russian Nation edit Potential: Russia does not exist Country is not The Papal State Country is not Holy Roman Empire Primary culture is Russian Any of the following: Is not AI controlled All of the following.

At this point, the player's main rivals are the Scandinavian Kalmar Union to the North, the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania to the west, and various steppe hordes, the remnants of the Mongol Empire, to the south.

Petersburg скачать Europa Universalis III rus Changes province capital name to St. Petersburg Changes base tax by 6 Changes province manpower by 3 Changes culture to Russian Establish Russian Patriarchate edit Potential: Country is Russia Does not have the country modifier "Russian Patriarchate" Follows the Orthodox religion Allow: Is not at war Constantinople: The province is not owned by Byzantium.

Главное меню F.A.Q. (Вопрос-Ответ) Информер Обзор игры Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne. Название : Europa Universalis III: Heir to the Throne. Год выпуска : 2009 Жанр : Grand Historic Strategy (3D real-time) Разработчик : Paradox Interactive Издательство : Paradox Interactive Платформа : PC.

Священная Римская Империя и Папство теперь будут еще могущественнее и привлекательнее. У республик появятся собственные, специфические дипломатические возможности. Установка национального фокуса в провинциях для увеличения экономического роста и усиления власти страны в регионе.

One should avoid reaching a low legitimacy or prestige, as huge chain revolts of Russian pretenders may occur, quickly draining the player's manpower and westernization effort. With the sixth national idea, Russia can probably avoid westernizing entirely, and allying a neighboring western power and keeping relations above 150 will ensure even cheaper technology through the.